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Learn about HoloSapiens, an impressive and interactive application designed for medical and health science university students to study human anatomy in 3D using Microsoft HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality technology.

Experience the Future of medical and health science studies.

HoloSapiens Technology is an application designed for medical and health science university students to learn human anatomy. The application is based on the Microsoft HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality technology and provides an impressive and interactive learning experience that allows students to study the complex human body in 3D, overlaid on the real environment. They can explore virtual anatomical models and examine the same model from multiple directions as needed. They can approach the realistic and detailed models closely, and magnify them to reveal intricate details that cannot be seen on the pages of textbooks. Students can select a specific region, body part, or organ to display additional information, such as the name, function, and related knowledge of organs.

The application is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing navigation among different functions with simple gestures and voice commands. The virtual anatomical models are accurate and professionally detailed and are based on real human anatomy.

HoloSapiensTech provides the Microsoft HoloLens device as hardware and our own developed application, which offers a revolutionary and attractive solution for medical students to learn human anatomy and its developmental history.

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