The so-called EDUCATIO international higher education fair was organized in Hungary between the 11th-13th of January 2024. With our team, we also represented HoloSapiens Technology Ltd. at the Hungarian Startup University (HSUP) booth. Next to promoting the HSUP program, we presented our MVP to the broader audience – students and professors. The visitors who came to us received our product with great interest, and it was a pleasure to see how they enjoyed the new solutions in education.

After placing the Hololens 2 headsets on them, they seemed to have entered another world. According to them, they enjoyed the most when they could separate the different anatomical structures into smaller parts and rotate them, change the size of the structures and they could control which structures they wanted to make visible or disappear. We hope we have encouraged many high school students to be open to technology.

We are confident that we will soon be present not just in universities but in high schools with our product, supporting the development of any level of education.